Plan, execute and close application orders

Online control of your application orders

Cost your agrochemicals in your cost centers

Get phytosanitary report automatically

Easily configure agrochemical products

How does it work?

Generate your application orders

With three simple steps you can generate your application orders automatically and easily.

Cost your products to be applied

Our OA module integrates with purchasing and warehousing. You will have the stock and inventory of your products up to date.

Integration with SAG

Our integration allows us to automatically obtain the name, deficiency periods and active ingredients of the products.

Phytosanitary report

Through our OA module you will be able to obtain the phytosanitary report for the corresponding certifications of your products.

AGRI Power with GRABIT data acquisition software

Our field data collection software allows you to have control over crop phenological stages, pest management and production estimates to know how much and where to apply.

View module: Agrochemical applications

  • Centralized management of your agricultural operations.

  • Real-time information and reporting.

  • Cost planning and control, purchasing, warehousing and treasury.

  • Agrochemical application orders and certifications.

  • Control of work sites, machinery.

  • Irrigation and crop control.

  • Integration with SAG, SII and other software.

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