A solution focused on bringing technology to the dairy herd production fields that centralizes all data in a simple way for the dairy farmer who needs to coordinate his teams, plan activities, automate processes and report to management automatically.

An agile and easy to learn tool that facilitates the task of recording and analyzing all the data necessary to manage the herd in the best possible way.

Generates purchase orders and the various associated details


Inventory and stock up to date with a good warehouse


Recording of payments for each outgoing payment received


Information storage in the cloud

We have a team of
multidisciplinary support and assistance
that will accompany you in the implementation
of our dairy-livestock module.

Optimize your resources by assigning tasks and having greater control of your warehouse.


Purchasing, warehousing and treasury module

Have up to date details of the traceability of the different inputs used in the dairies.

Have a detailed stock control, you will be able to indicate the quantity of the product, its description and the relation between inputs and outputs of the different inputs, such as cattle feed, medicines, among others.

Automate the purchasing process from generating a purchase order in AGRI and receiving all your tax documents.


Work module

Assign all of your staff's activities on a daily or monthly basis.

Assign bonuses according to the different activities of your staff and generate reports of what each worker did.


Cost center and budget module

This module allows you to record and view the budget determined for your field work by associating it to each cost center you have.

This will allow you to know specifically the operational costs of each one, helping in the management of your field with planning and directing only the necessary resources, avoiding a bad distribution.


Field notebook module

Calendarization of the different activities that are carried out both in the dairy and in the field in order to have a better organization, helping you in the management of your business.

It allows you to plan budgets by directing only the necessary resources and avoiding budget misallocation.



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